IBM hat Version des Travelers veröffentlicht. Die Version enthält eine Reihe von Bug Fixes und Support für das kommende Feature Pack 10. D.h. es ist Voraussetzung dafür, den Domino unter dem Traveler auf FP10 zu aktualisieren.


What’s new?

Support for invitee availability search from Calendar on Exchange ActiveSync clients.


LO93044 Slow sync due to prime sync thread looping over large number of child documents.
LO93067 Better handling of encrypted mail when syncing to mobile device.
LO93070 Traveler cleanup bind command may fail when using MS SQL Server.
LO93084 Better handling of Notes Doc Links when syncing to mobile devices.
LO93196 Traveler „did not respond in time“ messages on the console log.
LO93217 Additional HTML to plain text conversion options to improve generated plain text content.
LO93221 Do not include previous attachments on reply mails from MaaS Secure Mail client.
LO93236 Improve crash prevention on Traveler server when processing documents.
LO93238 Phone messages with HTML content may not display correctly on mobile device.
LO93258 Traveler server may be unresponsive due to logging thread deadlock.
LO93319 Support for Domino 9.0.1 FP10.


IBM Traveler Server Release Documentation

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